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  1. BJ-851 MINI Repeater
  2. BJ-851 MINI Repeater
  3. BJ-851 MINI Repeater
  4. BJ-851 MINI Repeater
  5. BJ-851 MINI Repeater

BJ-851 MINI Repeater

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Adjust the following functions by programming software: 1.Setting RX frequency 2.Setting TX frequency 3.Setting CTCSS/DCS

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Adjust the following functions by programming software:
1. Setting RX frequency
2. Setting TX frequency
3. Setting CTCSS/DCS

1. You can easily program channel data using the programming software on a PC.
2. You can recall one of the 16 preset channels using a PF key or the external control wire.
3. CTCSS/DCS signaling can be programmed on each channel by programming software, and at the same time it can be decode up to 16 different CTCSS/DCS tones.
4. The radio repeater bandwidth: Wide: 25KHz/Narrow: 12.5 kHz (using BJ-851B model)

Specifications of BJ-851 Mini Repeater

Frequency Range400-470MHz
Frequency Spacing10MHz
Duplex Band Width1MHz
Modulation TypeFM 16F3
Operation Voltage12-14V
Standby Current: 0.3A/Rx Current: 0.8A/Tx Current: ≤3.0A
Frequency Stability±2.5ppm
Channel Spacing12.5KHz/25KHz
WeightApprox. 2Kg
Max. Output Power10W
Receiving End Insertion Loss≤2dB
Transmitting End Insertion Loss< 1.5dN
Transmitting-Receiving End Isolation≥65dB
Matched Impedance50?
Radio Receiver
Simplex Sensitivity≥0.3uv
Duplex Sensitivity< 3dB
Squelch Sensitivity≥0.2uv
Adjacent Channel Selectivity75dB
Audio Output Power2.0W
Audio Distortion< 5%
Radio Transmitter
Output Power10W
Spurious Radiation75dB
Audio Distortion< 5%
Max. Modulation5kHz

Packing Inspection

Mounting Bracket1
Screw Set1
AC/DC Power1
Programming Cable1