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Why A Road Trip Team Need Two Way Radios?

Two way radios or walkie talkies are an excellent tool for the road trip group to stay in touch when you have multiple vehicles are travelling together. With each vehicle provide a radio, and at the touch of a button, all group members are able to keep in touch immediately. This makes it easier to coordinate route changes, stops for food or gas, or to notify the group of car troubles, or to keep a orderly formation.


During the self-driving trip, every car should be equipped with a two way radio. This makes it a breeze to inform the whole team with the road condition. The vehicle in front of the group is responsible to report the route situations to other members. All traveller should know whether the road is muddy or rocky, with deep water or full of snow, slipped or dusty. So that they can coordinate with each other with the route change according to the real situation. Avoid fatigue driving, they can use walkie talkies to remind the driver and to create a good driving ambience with brief communication such as telling jokes, singing songs or chatting with their partners.


After several hours driving, the whole team need to stop for a rest, for food or gas. Long time driving or seating will make people feel tired. Stop for a rest is good for recuperating and building up energy. And it is crucial to inform the whole group to stop somewhere with food, gas and toilet. Get off the car, have a short term activities and rest can help moving forward.


Most important of all, a two way radio can help to notify the emergency during the road trip. If there is something happened such as car broken or even small accident, everyone in the car is able to know via two way radio communication. In order to keep a orderly formation and to show a highly disciplined team, the leader can commend other team members driving their automobile in alignment through adjusting the distance between two cars or arraying them by numbers. Passengers can know it is a well-behaved team. But it is hard to line up the whole group without walkie talkie.


You may ask what kind of two way radio or walkie talkie is the best choice for a road trip? Several factors deserves our consideration, such as transmitting range, battery life and GPS function.


Transmitting Range - Range is absolutely the most critical consideration when purchasing radios. The first and the last vehicles will be separated by a mile or more. If one member of the team gets caught at a stop light, this distance alone could put you out of range for many two way radios. Thus, large output power radio is a good choice for keeping long distance transmission.


However, 10W hand-held radios may not meet the communication requirements when there is numbers of vehicles lead to long distance between the first one and the last one. Dual band mobile car radios such as Zastone D9000 can easily solve this problem with 50W output power, dual power amplifier modules, dual band, dual frequencies, big LED screen, the transmitting distance can reach to 25KM. 



Battery Life - Without power outlets being readily available, keeping your radio charged is a big concern if you're planning a long drive. Look for models with extremely long battery life, those that have the ability to operate on standard AA or AAA batteries in a pinch, or models that support a vehicle charger, such as Zastone D9000. It is a professional mobile car radio, whick is able to make sure you have a great trip with 50W output power and about 50KM transmission range(sometimes is more than 50KM depends on the application environmemts), dual RF power amplifier modes, seperated installations and three speakers, etc. 

Tips for Having A Self-Driving Tour

1. Make a good plan before departure. Prepare all the stuff that you need on the road. Numbering all vehicles by stick a number in a conspicuous position.

2. Provide each car a radio, and set two frequencies, one is for normal service, the other is for emergency. When the former frequency being interrupting, using the later one. Don’t forget to inform this to all group members before departure.

3. Keeping appropriate distance between two automobiles, and driving carefully and safely.

4. Making short and brief conversation. Different with smart phone, two way radio is only able to have single way communication. One can give a feedback after his friends finishing their words. Pressing the PTT key and talking for a long time is unfair for your counterparts.  

5. Do not change the drive way frequently. When driving on the high way, the first and the last car are suggested to turn on the indicator and remind other drivers.

6. Except for the emergency situations, all drivers should drive their vehicles according to the number. For better management and for security, overtaking is strictly prohibited.

7. All the team members can talk to each other via the mobile car radio. But please stop your chatting in the emergency situations or when the commend center giving  instructions.

8. When passing through the winding road or crossing, stop using the radio.

9. Fully charge the hand-held radio before departure. Carrying extra batteries or chargers for the long-distance driving.