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Instruction for Update Zastone D9000 Firmware

Recently, we were receive some after sales  consultation. One of Zastone D9000 users siad that in the "Single Mode", when he press PTT, the device transmit normally. But when he release the PTT press, the device is still working for transmission with no indication. The red indicator on the right isn't on or there is nothng display on the screen.  If you were encounter with similar situation, don't worry, you just have  to update the firmware.  


Before updating the firmware, you need to prepare a programming USB and a programming cable. Switch the TX and RX position when connecting with the programming cable. 

Please note that the programming USB should be match with the programming cable. If not, please contact our sales and get the right one. 

Then following the instruction step by step. 

1.Connect the main unit and the front controller by using the controller cable. Plug in with power supply, then power on the device.

2.Insert the programming USB to the PC host.

3.Insert the other side of programming cable to the interface CONT/MIC-2 of the main unit.

4.Click the Renesas Firmware Download on your PC.

5.Set the Baud Rate: 19200 and MCU Type:R5F212B8 as shown in the picture.

6.Click “Browse” to choose the firmware version: HTM688_RF_Ver3.5.10

7.Click “Download”, input password: 12345678

8.Unplug the power supply and then plug the power supply.

9. Power on the device, finish update. 

Note: DO NOT power off the device during the process of update. Otherwise, the device may be broken and have to resend to the factory for repair. Insert the programming cable to the right interface: CONT/MIC-2 of the main unit.