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Why Can't Mobile Phone Replace Two Way Radio?

As a popular digital device, mobile phone has many awesome functions. What we use frequently is the communication function. We are making a call to our families and friends, chatting online. We prefer searching information and shopping online, watching movies and TV shows, etc. A mobile phone also enable us to take a beautiful selfie and post on our social media, allow us listening to music, playing games and even pay our bills. But we can’t do these on a two way radio. So why we still need a two way radio? 


The biggest difference between a mobile phone and a two way radio is that a mobile phone communication is relying on the nearby network base stations. There is no signal on your mobile phone if the network break down or you go somewhere do not have network base stations. You can’t communicate with anyone on your phone without signals.

However, a two way radio communication doesn’t relies on any network base stations. You can easily communicate with others only if they are using the same frequency radios. As a two way radio has transmission and reception features. It doesn’t relies on any public network for communication. When you are going to the remote areas, such as desert, mountain, a two way radio will be your best choice.  

Moreover, two way radio has other features that mobile phone cant replace. A two way radio can communicate timely. For example, you can make an instruction for your friend by using a two way radio when his car is having a back up in a muddy and bumpy mountain road. A two way radio can work for a long time. Few mobile phone stand-by time is able to last more than 24 hours. But most of two way radios can stand by for more than 48 hours. A two way radio can achieve one for one communication or one for many communication. It is easy to achieve effective communication especially when emergency occurs. It is an effective tool for teamwork instruction and communication. Last but not least, you dont have to pay for communication expenses. 


As a highly efficiency communication tool, two way radio is widely apply in many industries, such as education, hotel management, firefighting, etc. Made of strong and durable materials, the two way radio is waterproof, dust-proof, anti-fall and able to adapt to severe environments. Therefore, it can be siad that mobile phone can’t replace two way radios.