Quality Control

ZASTONE was committed to produce high quality two way radio since the establishment. We have built a strictly quality control system from the process of R&D, production, finished product display, sales and service. ZASTONE was the first intercom company in Shenzhen obtained the approval of ISO9001, the International Quality Management System.


We have built a professional and experienced team for product research and development. Establishing normalized purchase management system and IQC checkout room for selecting qualified suppliers. Complying with international quality standard, we are strictly selecting and inspecting raw material to ensure high quality production.

Production Control

Sample test and mass production should be arranged according to the standardized work instructions. Precise machine and standardized production line was used for strictly manufacturing process and craft control. ZASTONE operators and inspectors should received professional training including induction training, on-the-job training and special skills training.

Finished Products Test

Dynamic management system was built for control product quality compliance with MIL-STD-150E grade two, US-MIL-810C, D, E. System and company inspection rules. Every piece of finished product should pass a series test, aging test, high and low temperature test, temperature shock, solar radiation, waterproof test, drop test, shock test, etc.

Except meeting national technical standards, all ZASTONE two way radio should meet following standards:

1. Less than 10% differences among different batches of products.

2. Less than 10% frequency differences of the same product.

3. Less than 10% differences of the same product at any working temperature.

4. Product difference index should maintain less than 10% within 3 years.

5. Repair rate should less than 3% within 24 months. 

Sales and service

All our sales are receiving professional sales training regularly. We provide 24 hour online service and good quality after sales service.